Instant Index: 'Thriller's' 30th Anniversary, Dog and Baby Become YouTube Stars

VIDEO: Diane Sawyer with the top stories and images that have people buzzing this week.

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Tonight's World News:

Doggy Duet This duet between 10-month-old Lexi and Angel, the family dog, is lighting up the internet. It has been viewed more than six million times on YouTube.

North Korean Unicorns In what easily could have been a story from the Onion, the Korean Central News Agency, the state run news agency for North Korea, announced that archaeologists had "recently reconfirmed a lair of the unicorn rode by King Tongmyong." That's right - unicorns existed, at least according to North Korea.

Image credit: Gail Shumway/Getty Images

Bread That Lasts Months? The company Microzap says it has found a way to keep bread free of mold for two months, according to the BBC. The company zaps the bread using a microwave array that kills the spores that create mold. The hope is that the technology can dramatically reduce the amount of bread that is wasted.

Image credit: Ross Durant/Getty Images

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