Instant Index: Jack Lew Admits Being Challenged in Pensmanship

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Tonight's Instant Index:

Safe Driving Songs New research out of London says you may be safer if you play songs that slow your heartbeat to 60 beats a minute. The relaxing tunes may cause you to ease up on the gas pedal. Here are the 10 safest songs to drive to according to researchers at Metropolitan University: 1. "Come Away With Me" - Norah Jones 2. "Billionaire Feat. Bruno Mars" - Travie McCoy 3. "I'm Yours" - Jason Mraz 4. "The Scientist" - Coldplay 5. "Tiny Dancer" - Elton John 6. "Cry Me a River" - Justin Timberlake 7. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" - Aerosmith 8. "Karma Police" - Radiohead 9. "Never Had a Dream Come True" - S Club 7 10. "Skinny Love" - Bon Iver

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Poor Penmanship In the latest installment of Jack Lew's terrible signature.President Obama spoke about it today when he announced that he was nominating Lew for Treasury secretary. "I had never noticed Jack's signature and when this was highlighted yesterday in the press, I considered rescinding my offer to appoint him," Obama said. "Jack assures me that he is going to work to make at least one letter legible in order not to debase our currency, should he be confirmed as secretary of the Treasury."

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