Instant Index: 21 Burmese Pythons Killed in Florida Everglades

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Tonight's Instant Index:

Giant Pythons The number of the day is "21." That's how many giant Burmese Pythons have been killed in the Florida Everglades since the state's month-long "python challenge" kicked off last Saturday. Some 800 hunters have been out in force for a solid week, hunting them down, because they wreak havoc on the ecosystem. State wildlife officials organized the hunt with cash prizes for hunters.

Getty Images

Natalie Wood Death Person of the day is actor Robert Wagner and the latest chapter in the tragic death of his wife, actress Natalie Wood. Wagner was one of the last people to see Wood alive more than 30 years ago on a boating trip with fellow actor Christopher Walken. Now, the case has been re-opened and police say Wagner is refusing to speak. Her death was originally ruled accidental, but has now changed to "undetermined."

Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

Orioles Legend Another particularly notable person of the day is former Baltimore Orioles manager and hall-of-famer Earl Weaver, who passed away Saturday. Weaver suffered a heart attack during an Orioles fantasy cruise. Fiery and cantankerous, he holds the record for the number of time ejected from a game - 94 in all. He was 81 years old.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

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