LeBron James Steals Show at White House Ceremony

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LeBron at the White House The Miami Heat visited the White House today to celebrate their championship and during the ceremony President Obama let King James reign supreme.When LeBron James asked whether he could share a few words, Obama responded: "You can if you want. It's your world, man."

Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

Lego Turns 55 It was 55 years ago today that a Danish toymaker submitted a patent for the tiny plastic bricks we now know as Legos. The name came from a Danish word that means "play well."

Wardrobe Malfunction? As Jennifer Lawrence ascended to the stage to accept the best actress award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday night, she appeared to experience a wardrobe malfunction. But today, gown designer Christian Dior said nothing had gone wrong. "The dress is made with different levels of tulle and satin and that is what the viewers saw when Jennifer lifted her dress slightly," the company said in a statement. "It was not ripped. There was no malfunction."

Screen Actors Guild Awards

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