'Nightline' Daily Line, Jan. 28: Senators Reach Immigration Agreement

JonBenet Ramsey: A Fathers Regrets

6:01 p.m. ET: LUCHA LIBRE: Professional wrestler "RJ Brewer" is El Mero Malo, the chief bad guy on "Lucha Libre USA," a Mexican-themed wrestling tour.

Unmasked and unapologetic, RJ Brewer is an unlikely crusader against illegal immigration on the tour who has become a metaphorical punching bag for U.S. Latinos frustrated and outraged over immigration policy. Holding an Arizona flag over his head, Brewer's job as the anti-immigrant character in the ring is to heckle the crowd. But for him, it's not all an act.

Read more HERE and watch the full story on "Nightline" tonight at 12:35 a.m. ET

Credit: Lucha Libre USA

3:56 p.m. ET: DEBATE: A bipartisan group of senators on Monday formally unveiled their proposal to drastically overhaul the nation's immigration system, with the hope of passing a bill out of the Senate by late spring or early summer.

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We're debating tonight: Should undocumented immigrants be granted amnesty? Why or why not?

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2:29 p.m. ET: EASY MONEY: SAVING FOOD: Marcus Samuelsson, a celebrity chef and owner of the Red Rooster restaurant in New York City, told ABC News that if he ran his eatery's kitchen the way most of America ran their kitchens, "We'd be closed."

Samuelsson shared the following tips he employs in his restaurant to save food and money. Read them HERE and watch the full story on "Nightline" TONIGHT at 12:35 a.m. ET.

Credit: ABC News

11:40 a.m. ET: BREAKING: Barbara Walters is recovering from chicken pox, more than a week after she fell and cut her temple during inauguration weekend.

Read an update about her illness HERE and wish Barbara well on twitter @BarbaraJWalters.

Credit: Virginia Sherwood/ABC

10:11 a.m. ET: JONBENET RAMSEY: A grand jury believed there was enough evidence in 1999 to indict John and Patsy Ramsey on charges relating to the still-unsolved killing of their beauty queen daughter JonBenet Ramsey, ABC News sources say.

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Credit: Mark Fix/Corbis

"Nightline" spoke with JonBenet's father John Ramsey last March to talk to him about his daughter's case. He shared some never-before-seen photos of the six-year-old beauty queen. Watch what happens in our interview HERE when John Ramsey talks about his regrets:

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