Instant Index: Bonnie Franklin Dead; Bus Driver Faints

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Tonight's Instant Index:

Bus Driver Faints in Poland, Hero Steers Bus to Safety
An ordinary bus ride took a terrifying turn in Poland when the driver fainted and slid out of her seat. The bus veered into oncoming traffic but two quick-thinking passengers sprang into action, taking the wheel. After steering the bus to safety, one of the heroes said it was all instinct and an overwhelming desire to save the driver and everyone on the bus. One of the hero drivers didn't even have a license. Both women have been given free bus fare for life.

Scottish Zoo Plays Marvin Gaye to Get Pandas in the Mood
As panda mating season approaches, the Edinburgh Zoo is reportedly playing smooth music to get its male panda Yang Guang in the mood to mate with its female panda Tian Tian. Because female pandas are only fertile about two days out of the year, the zoo is eager to have its bears reproduce. The radio station plays a daily song for the male panda including Marvin Gaye's sultry tune "Let's Get It On."

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(Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images)

'One Day at a Time' Star Bonnie Franklin Dead at 69
Bonnie Franklin, best known for her role as a single mom on the '70s-'80s sitcom "One Day at a Time," died at her Los Angeles home this morning of complications from pancreatic cancer. She was 69 years old, and died surrounded by her family, confirmed her agent, Robert Malcolm. The cancer was diagnosed in August, and the actress revealed shortly after that she was undergoing treatment. On "One Day at a Time," which was developed by Norman Lear and aired from 1975 to 1984, Franklin was groundbreaking as Ann Romano, the single mother of two daughters, who were played by Valerie Bertinelli and Mackenzie Phillips. The show was an anthem for a generation grappling with difficult issues never portrayed before on a sitcom. When the show was in its prime, millions tuned in to watch what was regarded as TV's first realistic portrayal of a divorced mother struggling to raise her teenage daughters.

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(Brian To/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

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