'Human Chain' Saves Boy, 12, From Drowning

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Chain of Life A 12-year-old New Zealand boy, who was swept out to sea by rough waters, was rescued by beachgoers after they formed a human chain to pull the boy back to the shore.

People on Napier Beach link hands and form a human chain to save a boy from drowning in Napier, New Zealand, March 10, 2013. (stuff.co.nz)

Mummies Had Heart Disease Long thought to be a modern disease related to contemporary lifestyles, atherosclerosis was common among ancient people as well, a new study found. Whole body CT scans of 137 mummies from four different ancient populations revealed heart and vascular calcifications consistent with atherosclerosis, reported Dr. Randall Thompson of St. Luke's Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo., and colleagues. "The presence of atherosclerosis in premodern human beings suggests that the disease is an inherent component of human aging and not associated with any specific diet or lifestyle," the researchers concluded.

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