Powerball Winner Steps Forward for Prize

VIDEO: Diane Sawyer reveals the top stories that have people buzzing this week.

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Here Comes Harry The irrepressible Prince Harry is coming to America this spring and he is scheduled to make a stop at the Jersey Shore to tour the damage done by Sandy. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who will be Harry's guide, today promised that there'd be no shenanigans. "I'm going to be spending the entire day with Prince Harry, so believe me, nobody's going to be getting naked if I'm spending the entire day with him, OK?" Christie said. "I think I can assure the people of New Jersey that much to their relief."

Image credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Jackpot! A New Jersey bodega owner who emigrated from the Dominican Republic stepped forward today as the winner of a $338 million Powerball jackpot. Pedro Quezada's life of 18-hour workdays is likely all behind him and he now plans to help those in need.

Image credit: Julio Cortez/AP Photo

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