Diane Sawyer Gives Advice to Young Journalists, Contemplates 'Dancing with the Stars' During Facebook Q&A

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"World News" anchor Diane Sawyer took to Facebook this afternoon to answer viewer questions.

She tackled everything from whether she'd write a book to whether she'd ever go on "Dancing With the Stars."

Here are a few of our favorite responses:

1. Return to 'GMA'? Keli Bartlett-Bozman : I want to know if you'll go back to GMA!! I still miss you and Robin together! Diane Sawyer: I miss spending the pre-dawn hours with her, we used to have great conversations in the dressing room while I borrowed her clothes. But I still see her a lot - looking at a picture of the 2 of us right now.

2. Favorite Book Cheryl Spencer: What is your favorite book? Diane Sawyer: I have a thousand but I used to hand out "West With the Night" by Beryl Markham

3. World News Philippines Edition Kira Yamato Mendoza: Hi Miss Diane, Say hi to your fans in the Philippines! We would like to see you on our TV screens but no PH TV channel carries ABC World News. Diane Sawyer: what? i'm going to go door to door

Click here to read the entire Q&A. 4. Advice for Journalism Students Meagan Grace: I'm just about to graduate with my degree in journalism and start off my career. What advice can you give me? Diane Sawyer: To everyone asking the question - start with something you really are passionate about. Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's medicine, maybe it's politics - and go to the nearest press outlet and offer a story. My advice: offer to do what it takes to learn how they really do the work they do.

5. Fan of Fun. Maggie Barbosa: Just wanted to tell you I'm a huge fan, Who are you a fan of…….. Diane Sawyer: Leonard Cohen and Fun.

6. Dancing with the Stars? Kathy Elmore: why don't you go on Dancing with the stars?? I think you would be great!! Diane Sawyer: How tall is Derek? Can he lift me during the pasodoble?

7. Favorite Place to Visit Linda Rae Gonzalez: What is your favorite city or country you have visited? Diane Sawyer: I get happy in the Sahara Desert. I get happy Sydney. And Lapland, freezing. But no place like home, and that means Louisville.

8. Memoir? Angela Cuezzo- Ramirez: Will you write a book? Diane Sawyer: never

9. Most Powerful Story Jeff Griffin: What is the most interesting story that changed the way you view things? Diane Sawyer: I know it sounds impossible but almost every story I do changes the way I see the world - which is what keeps us all excited to do what we do.

10. Childhood Memory Denise D'Orazio: What is your favorite childhood memory & what is best advice for parents? Diane Sawyer: favorite childhood memory: singing with my dad on long trips to see my grandparents.

Click here to read the entire Q&A.

11. Dream Interview Edward Thomas: If you could have dinner with one person from history, who would it be? Diane Sawyer: oh my gosh. i'd rent a stadium.

12. Singing Sawyer Christina Swartz: What job would you want to try out if you weren't doing what you do now? Diane Sawyer: singing sad songs on Broadway

13. Emotional Toll September Flanagan: You report on so many moving stories - how do you do it without being overly emotional? Diane Sawyer: you feel it but try to remember that you're there to try to help, to try to give it purpose

14. Dinner in Raeligh? Doris Sosa Dimino: I would like to invite you over for dinner, would you accept? we live in Raleigh NC Diane Sawyer: Next time I'm in Raleigh, get ready and make it Southern

15. Bucket List Kelly Ann Miklas Salyer: Diane~ do you have a Bucket List and what would you still like to accomplish in your life~ Diane Sawyer: learn flawless Spanish. well - learn any Spanish. and cook the perfect meatloaf.

16. Political Coverage Robert Johnson: What is the most frustrating thing about covering politics? Diane Sawyer: getting some politicians to answer the question the first time

Click here to read the entire Q&A.

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