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Octogenarians Race to Summit Everest Yuichiro Miura and Min Sherchan may be in their 80s, but they have no plans to slow down. They are dueling adventurers on their race to the top of Mount Everest. Miura, of Japan, is expected to reach the peak tomorrow, at 80 years old, grabbing the record for oldest ever to summit. Not only that, but this is his second time. He climbed the mountain five years ago, at 75. But Nepal's Sherchan, who is one year older, got there just one day ahead of Miura. When Miura grabs the record tomorrow, he may not hold it for long. Sherchan is on his way up and he's now 81. Watch out, Miura!

(Miura Dolphins/AP Photo)

Carole King Honored at the White House Carole King has woven a musical tapestry that all of us share. Tonight, the 71-year-old singer/songwriter will be honored at the White House, where she will receive the Gershwin Prize for Popular Song. The Library of Congress held its own tribute to King Tuesday night, where other singers performed King's greatest hits and the singer/songwriter sang her own songs "Now and Forever" and "You've Got a Friend."

(Alex Brandon/AP Photo)

Virgin Ranked Best Airline, Spirit Ranked Worst A survey out today from July's Consumer Reports took input from more than 16,000 subscribers to rate each airline. Virgin America was rated at the top of the list for in-flight entertainment. The airline scored 89 out of 100 for its clean cabins, on-board staff and good check-in. Spirit Airlines came out on the bottom, scoring a 50 out of 100 for being low on every measure of the survey. Spirit has some of the lowest prices but charges a fee for everything from booking a ticket to carry-ons.

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