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Robin Roberts

ABC News' Robin Roberts has reached a milestone. One year ago, Roberts, 52, revealed that she was facing a new fight - diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome - and today's milestone sent a triumphant message of hope. She tweeted "Hard to believe.. 1 year since I disclosed #MDS diagnosis @GMA. All your prayers & well wishes have helped my recovery. This Too Shall Pass." After reading the responses, she later tweeted "Reading well wishes on my 1 yr 'anniversary' fills me w/ emotion. Thank you! As my momma said: We ALL got somethin'. Onward and upward. XO."

Image credit: ABC

Superglue Baby

Ashlyn Julian - a 20-day-old baby girl - was rushed to the emergency room in Kansas City, Kan., by her parents when she wouldn't stop screaming and throwing up. Doctors at University of Kansas Hospital found an aneurism the size of an almond. Because infants are so tiny, traditional methods are often unavailable without the risk of complications, so surgeons had to improvise. Using a microscopic catheter the width of a human hair, surgeons applied surgical superglue to the aneurysm to close it and prevent further bleeding. The infant is expected to make a full recovery and go home next week.

Orca Says Thanks

A home video from a fishing trip in Alaska was proof of one whale of a tale. While fishermen were filming a halibut just under the surface of the water, an orca moved in to snatch it up. The killer whale seemed to say "thanks for the snack" as it slowly swam away. One of the fishermen even had time to snap a "selfie" with the orca in the background.

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