Instant Index: Boy Meets Whale Shark

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Boy Meets Whale Shark

A whale of a story took place in the Gulf of Mexico. Off the coast of Florida, Chris Kreis, 19, was in a fishing boat before taking the leap of his life. Kreis jumped off the back of the boat and latched on to the fin of a 30-foot long, 50,000-pound whale shark. The ride didn't last long. Wildlife officials said that while Kreis didn't break any laws, it wasn't very smart.

Walt Disney Estate for Sale

You may have to count really high in order to buy the inspiration for "The Happiest Place on Earth." Walt Disney's 4-acre Los Angeles estate - considered the birthplace of Disneyland - is on the market for $90 million. The rebuilt mansion includes eight bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and the remains of Disney's Carolwood Pacific Railroad, which sparked his idea to expand his animation company into amusement parks.

How Do You Spell College?

Spelling can be difficult, especially when the letters are enormous. On the field during the College World Series in Omaha, Neb., fans were treated to an extra "L" in the word "College" on a banner draped over the home dugout at the TD Ameritrade Park. The lesson for the day is check twice before printing.

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