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Credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo

Run Intern Run

A tradition is afoot in Washington - the running of the interns. On a big day at the Supreme Court, the duty to bring the ruling from the justices to anxiously waiting reporters falls to the youngest members of media outlets. Sprinting across the court to get the news on the air, ties flapping over their shoulder, these interns hustle in their work clothes with a few exceptions - some of them wear running shoes. We thank them for their big strides.

Intercontinental Pigeon

A new arrival has made his way to North America from 5,000 miles away. A 1-year-old pigeon adorned with a tag on his foot is actually a racing bird from Japan. On May 10, he was set off on a 600-mile race. He didn't make it, but instead made his way across the Pacific Ocean, landing in British Columbia last week. Bird experts don't know if he landed on a boat somewhere along the way or flew the whole way on his own. Either way, the little guy made it and is now in good health.

Dolphin Frenzy

If you ever wanted to go swimming with the dolphins, now may be your best chance … at least in California. Thousands of dolphins have been spotted of the coast of San Diego this week swimming alongside boats and jumping out of the ocean. Marine experts believe the dolphins are on a major feeding frenzy, following their food as it moves toward shallow water.

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