Instant Index: Twister Co-Founder Charles Foley Has Died

VIDEO:After story aired on ESPN, financial donations poured in to help two boys graduate and compete in Olympics.

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Buzz Magnuson/Pioneer Press/AP Photo

Twister Creator Dies

Charles Foley, the co-creator of the American classic Twister, died of complications from Alzheimer's disease July 1 in Minnesota. He reportedly had a simple philosophy: "Everyone's more fun with their shoes off." Originally named "Pretzel," Twister took hold when Johnny Carson played the game with Eva Gabor on "The Tonight Show" in 1966.

Washing Hair in Space

Astronaut Karen Nyberg recently filmed how she gets her hair clean while living in the International Space Station. Click to watch.

Sandler Vs. Cheetah

On "Late Show With David Letterman," comedian Adam Sandler revealed that during a family vacation to South Africa, he was attacked by a cheetah. "When he jumped on me, all I was gonna do was let him eat me," Sandler said during the show. "There wasn't one part of me that was gonna fight back." Sandler was apparently bending down near a pond when the big cat pounced. He said that a safari guide had told him the cheetah was likely provoked when Sandler bent down low - a no-no around the felines.

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