Instant Index: Mystery Drum-Playing Grandmother ID'ed

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Police Rescue Baby Bear From Trash Can A mother bear on a mission in Southern California Sunday to rescue her little one was caught on tape using her paws, teeth and all her might to open a Dumpster. The police swooped in, distracting the mother just long enough to open the trash bin and let out her baby cub trapped inside. The cub was stuck in there for an hour and 20 minutes but both mom and baby were doing well tonight.

Mystery Drum-Playing Grandmother ID'ed The mystery of the Wisconsin grandmother rocking out on a drum set has been solved. She is 63-year-old Mary and she's not actually a grandmother. When she was a young woman, Mary was in an all-girls rock band called The Chantells. When she walked into that drum store and sat down at that drum set, she hadn't played for decades. She said when she saw those drums, she thought: "Drumsticks again. It's been awhile. I wonder if I'll know what to do."

(ABC News)

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