Instant Index: Disney World Photobomber Goes Viral

By Jennifer Abbey

Jul 23, 2013 10:00pm

instant index blog 640x100 Instant Index: Disney World Photobomber Goes Viral

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Dolphins Come When Called, Scientists Say
People are not the only geniuses on this planet. Scientists at the University of Saint Andrews in Scotland trailed a pod of dolphins and played a dolphin whistle to see their reaction. One dolphin turned around and swam toward them. When they changed the whistle, a different dolphin turned around. It is proof, scientists say, that dolphins have names and come when called.


Disney World Photobomber Goes Viral
It’s happened to all of us. Just as you’re about to snap that perfect photo, someone steps into the frame. One couple at Disney World was getting engaged when a man walked right in front of the picture perfect shot. The image has now gone viral with that guy being photoshopped into everything including Iwo Jima, the moon landing and the Beatles’ walk across Abbey Road. The guy’s identity however is still a mystery.

ht disney world photobomb kb 130723 16x9 608 Instant Index: Disney World Photobomber Goes Viral

                                                                                 (Courtesy Nick Landis & Erika Boone)

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