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Scientists Discover New Mammal The world has a brand-new mammal. It's a furry, teddy-bear kind of creature that lives in the jungle in South America. Scientists studied one in a zoo and noticed she wouldn't mate with similar creatures. It turned out the female had an entirely different DNA. In night-time explorations in the wild, scientists found the creature with others of its own kind. They've named it the "olinguito."

Chinese Zoo Features Dogs Instead of Exotic Animals Visitors in China are asking for their money back from a zoo that has no exotic animals. The zoo put up a sign that read "Timber Wolf" but inside was a white dog. The same went for the leopard cage that had a dog instead. Instead of an African lion, there was a kind of mastiff and one child wailed: "Mommy, why does the lion bark?"

911 Operator Gives Dress to Bride

A 911 operator came to the rescue in more ways than one for a soon-to-be bride. The woman called 911 to report that her wedding dress had been stolen right out of her car. "Are you getting married today?" the operator asked, to which the bride replied: "Yes." The good-hearted operator, who had married just 18 months prior, asked the bride's dress size, found her own wedding dress and raced to the church just in time.

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