Instant Index: 20,000 Rare Photos of the Royal Family Released

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11-Year-Old Lung Transplant Patient Expected to Go Home Sarah Murnahan, the 11-year-old girl who received a double lung transplant after her family went to court, is finally heading home. Her first transplant failed but 2.5 months after the second operation she is expected to go home as early as Tuesday.

New Test to Be Implemented for College Students Millions of high schoolers will be taking exams to get into college but in the spring, collegians will need to ace one final test to get out. Students at about 200 American colleges will take a new exit exam called the Collegiate Learning Assessment. It's similar to the SATs and focuses on critical thinking skills. The exam will be used by skeptical employers who are not impressed by just grades or where you earned your diploma.

20,000 Rare Photos of the Royal Family Released A treasure chest of candid photographs of the royal family in their most unguarded moments was revealed today. The images were taken by the man considered London's first paparazzo and are now for sale. The huge collection of 20,000 pictures includes one of Prince Charles waterskiing in 1970 and one of Princess Anne falling off her horse during a competition. Ray Bellisario followed the royal family's every move from the 1950s through the 1970s and they were not happy to have him around. Prince Philip was so annoyed he once suggested locking him in the Tower of London.

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