Remembering 'Death of a Naturalist' Seamus Heaney

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Seamus Heaney Dies Known for his poems that explored the strife and issues of his homeland, Seamus Heaney gained fame with "Death of a Naturalist," which described his father digging potatoes. Heaney also wrote love poems and odes to nature. The Irish prime minister called Heaney the keeper of Ireland's language, codes and essence as a people. Heaney was 74.

Strangers United by Message in a Bottle Rob Turan found a bottle in New Orleans, three weeks after Hurricane Katrina, which held a note. It had been written by a scared teenage girl as her home filled with water. It took Turan eight years to find the note's writer - Angela Caballeros - and when he did, he gave her the note so she could show her children in the future.

A Robot Helps Autistic Children Researchers at Vanderbilt University say an interactive robot is helping children learn how to harness attention. Researchers found that autistic children paid more attention to the robot than a human therapist.

Soldier Surprises His Family When Sgt. Shawn Jamieson, 26, knew he was returning home from being stationed in Italy for the last four years, he got his buns in gear, literally, to set up a very creative way to surprise his family for his homecoming.

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