Instant Index: Skyscraper's Glare Melts Parts of a Jaguar

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Beach Boys' Sound Check Interrupts Wedding Ceremony As a bride and groom in Cleveland were exchanging their vows, they were interrupted by the Beach Boys performing their iconic song "God Only Knows" next door. The band was doing a sound check and when the musicians found out they'd interrupted the ceremony, they invited the guests to the concert free of charge. The bride even got on stage, playing the tambourine. The newlyweds say "God Only Knows" will now forever by their wedding song.

Lava Lamps Turn 50 Raise your hand if you had a lava lamp in your dorm room. The groovy decor turns 50 today. It was inspired by an egg timer and its original tag line was "An exotic conversation piece." It made its TV debut on an episode of "Doctor Who" in 1968. The robots once used on the assembly line in Detroit are now being repurposed in the U.K. to keep those lava lamps coming.

Skyscraper's Glare Melts Parts of a Jaguar A curious thing is happening in London on the street below a brand new skyscraper. The new building is concave and covered in glass but the trouble is, the strange shape and all that glass has turned it into a kind of 37-story magnifying glass. For two hours every day, the glare off the building blinds pedestrians. It has cooked a lemon in a shop across the street, singed a carpet and even melted bike seats as well as the the rear view mirror on a Jaguar in less than an hour. Developers are going to drape a screen atop the skyscraper to cut down on the searing heat.

(Andy Scofield/PA/AP Photo)

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