Instant Index: Ryan Braun Calls Season Ticket Holders to Apologize

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Editor's Note: We showed you photos on last night's broadcast and reported on traffic problems in Beijing, China. We want you to know that we included some specific descriptions of the scope of the traffic jam which was in fact from an incident several years ago. It was the result of a mix up and we regret the error.

Ryan Braun Calls Season Ticket Holders to Apologize Milwaukee Brewers season ticket holders are getting a personal call from star player Ryan Braun about his use of performance-enhancing drugs. At first, stunned fans thought his apology was a prank. But it really was Braun. "I messed up. In a nutshell I messed up. And I just want to reach out and say I'm sorry," he told one fan. He is still making those calls tonight.

(Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Mariachi Players Gathering to Set Guinness World Record There's a kind of burst of joy in Mexico. Seven hundred Mariachi players are gathering in Guadalajara, the birthplace of mariachi, to set a new Guinness world record.

Carrie Underwood Takes a Tumble When she's belting out her hit songs, country star Carrie Underwood doesn't miss a beat. But during her concert in Texas Thursday night, she did miss a step. Her 5-inch heel caught on her hem, causing her to take a tumble and finish the song on her bottom from the floor. She tweeted out a photo today of herself wearing a brace saying, "Good news, it's not broken and I got some new footwear!"

Puffin, 9-Year-Old's Ballet Dance There was a surprise play date at a Monterrey, Calif., aquarium. A horned puffin followed 9-year-old Dakota back and forth along his tank, nearly leaping out of the water. Their ballet, which is now going viral, went on for nearly a full minute.

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