Instant Index: Gorilla Headed to Therapy for Behavioral Problems

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Search Under W ay for Riches Reportedly Hid by Nazis There is a tantalizing treasure hunt under way for gold and diamonds reportedly hidden by Nazis in World War II. A filmmaker studied a page of music dating back to 1945. He noticed strange markings on the page, reportedly made by Hitler's secretary. The lyrics seem to refer to the town of Mittenwald in southern Germany. There are digs under way there and some unidentified metals have been found.

Dallas Gorilla Headed to Therapy for Behavior al Problems Patrick has lived at the Dallas Zoo for most of his 23 years. He gets along with humans but hasn't warmed up to his fellow gorillas much, especially the females. Patrick's mother abandoned him at birth so he was raised by zookeepers. Now, he's heading to the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, S.C., where the staff specialize in working with gorilla behavior problems.

(Dallas Zoo/AP Photo)

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