Instant Index: Ron Burgundy for Dodge Durango

VIDEO: Group identifies and destroys stockpiles of chemical weapons in places like Libya, Syria, and Iraq.

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Ron Burgundy for Dodge Durango "I'm the only one with the guts to tell you about the glove box." Ron Burgundy is back and he's landed a Dodge Durango commercial. Web searches for the Durango are now up 500 percent, thanks to San Diego's favorite anchorman. "Comfortably fits two turkey sandwiches, six ball-peen hammers, 70 packs of gum, 20 rules," he says in the ad. "This thing goes on for inches. … Oh yea, this glove box I've been talking about, it comes standard."

2-Year-Old's Adorable Birthday Message for Mom A stay-at-home dad in New Jersey just might be in the running for "husband of the year." Faced with his wife's birthday and the need for a "wow" present, he enlisted the help of his daughter Claire, 2, who definitely is not camera shy. "Hi Mommy!" she said in a video message. "I love you so much. There's a lot of reasons why. You are amazing, you're the best cook, you work so hard and I miss you when you're gone. Happy birthday!" Dad loaded the video on Mom's iPad and Mom said it was the best birthday present she'd ever gotten.

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