Instant Index: Father's Emotional Reaction to Son's Grades Caught on Tape

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Mysterious UFO-Type Object Spotted Over Iceland There is a new addition to the X-files. A glowing orb was spotted shooting over a mountaintop in Iceland. It stirred up debate among true believers who thought it was a UFO. Tonight, non-supernatural theories emerged. Two guesses: It's a fireball or a drone.

Father's Emotional Reaction to Son's Grades Caught on Tape Like so many children, Ari, a high school student in the United Kingdom, was struggling with math. He buckled down and when he brought his grades up, he wanted dear old dad to see his report card. He caught his father's heartwarming reaction on tape. "Is that real? Is that real? My God. Are you sure?" his dad exclaimed after seeing the new report card. Dad told Ari he's set for life.


Navy Officer Surprises Daughter at Football Game Haylee McGregor, 7, was on the field in her cheerleading outfit when she heard her dad's name over the loudspeaker. Dad is an officer in the Navy Reserves and has been serving in Afghanistan for the last seven months. He surprised his little girl at the game and Kaylee went running into his arms, pom poms and all.

Map Tracks Most Popular Names There's a map that tracks the evolution of girls names by state as registered with Social Security. In 1960, Mary was the most popular name, then Lisa creeped in, gaining total domination by 1965. By 1974, it was the United States of Jennifer. Names appear to have taken hold in one region then spread to others. In the '80s and '90s, Jessica was popular in the West while Ashley was popular in the South. In recent times, a patchwork of Isabellas, Olivias and Emmas has taken over.

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