Instant Index: Pope Francis and His Candid Confession About Faith

By ABC News

Oct 30, 2013 7:07pm

Instant Index Header1 Instant Index: Pope Francis and His Candid Confession About Faith

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Pope Francis’ Candid Admission
Pope Francis made headlines today with a candid admission. Speaking about his faith, he said, “All of us have experienced confusion, insecurities and doubts, including me.” The comment comes just as photos of the pope with a 6-year-old orphan from Colombia are going viral. The little boy hugged the pope, played with his cross, even hung out in his chair for 20 minutes.

Mysterious Photo Sparks Holy Debate
There’s a debate surrounding a new image that shows figures hovering in the sky. Are they Jesus and Mary? The picture was snapped in Switzerland by Google Earth cameras. Skeptics say it’s just a smudge on the camera, but true believers say it’s a holy sign.

People More Attractive in Groups, Study Finds
A new study from UC San Diego finds that in a group, people appear more attractive and solo, less attractive. It has to do with the way our eyes interact with our brains. It gives a new meaning to the phrase “with a little help from our friends.”

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Virgin America Introduces New In-Flight Safety Video
Virgin America’s new in-flight safety video may get your attention. Its video is equipped with rapping, dancing and a catchy tune with the goal of keeping us safe and make us laugh.

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