Instant Index: Chess, Rubber Duck Inducted Into Toy Hall of Fame

VIDEO: Instant Index: Ernies Buddy Rubber Duckie Makes it to the Toy Hall of Fame

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Chess, Rubber Duck Inducted Into Toy Hall of Fame Chess and the rubber ducky have been inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. They beat out 10 other finalists including bubbles, little green army men and the Magic 8 ball to score two spots. A national selection committee made up of 23 toy experts made the final decision despite online polls. Judges cited the rubber duck's bright color, irresistible squeak and ability to expand our sense of childhood wonder.

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Video of Boy With Baby Tiger Goes Viral An adorable video of a 2-year-old boy dressed as a tiger playing with a tiger cub at the zoo is going viral online. All that separates the two "cubs" is a pane of glass. Kali, the tiger, and Marshall ran back and forth for more than two minutes. When Marshall took a spill, Kali wanted to make sure his new playmate was OK.

Judi Dench Brings Back 'M' To the world, she's Dame Judi Dench but to fans of James Bond, the actress is simply "M," Bond's steely boss. The character was killed off in "Skyfall" but Dench brought her back to help her new film. The film "Philomena" is in danger of getting an R rating for language and Dench and producers are trying to fight it. They tried to sway the Motion Picture Association of America with a public relations push and a little cheeky fun.

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