$4M Christmas Wreath Made of Diamonds and Rubies

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Most Expensive Wreath It's that time of the year to deck the halls, but before you put up the decorations, you might want to consider a wreath that's made of rubies and diamonds. The wreath - a joint venture by a florist and jeweler - is worth $4 million and currently ranks as the most expensive wreath in the world. And it even comes with a bottle of pine scent.

'Sympathize' Button In what could be a big change coming to your Facebook page, instead of the "Like" button, you might soon have the option to "Sympathize" with a post that you find sad. The idea was born out of a hackathon brainstorming session and is being tested right now. There's no word yet on when the button will launch or what the new symbol will look like. Click here for five other Facebook buttons users would like to see.

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