Instant Index: The Aerodynamics of Birds' 'V' Formation

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Mutts Allowed in Westminster Dog Show For the first time in 138 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the gold standard for canines, will allow mutts to compete, at least in the agility contest. All other prizes, including Best in Show, will still be only open to purebreds. The mutts will have their shot next month when the Westminster Dog Show comes to Madison Square Garden in New York.

The Aerodynamics of Birds' 'V' Formation New research out Wednesday claims that the bird's "V" formation you see in the sky is really a genius of aerodynamics. Each bird has an assigned position and each flap of the wing is precisely timed to conserve energy. They capitalize on the burst of air from the bird flapping in front. The bird in front takes a whopping 40 percent of the brunt of the headwind, lending a hand to those in back.

(Mirko Stelzner/Newscom)

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