Instant Index: Castaway Says He Survived 13 Months in the Pacific Ocean

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Castaway Says He Survived 13 Months in the Pacific Ocean Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he got lost after a shark fishing trip off the coast of Mexico in December 2012. He said he survived 13 months drifting in the Pacific Ocean by eating fish, birds and turtles. If it's true, his story is a real life version of the movie "Castaway" - minus a lovable volleyball named Wilson. Officials expressed cautious skepticism at the man's story as they worked to verify details. Alvarenga told officials he is from El Salvador but had been living and working in Mexico as a fisherman for 15 years before his ordeal.

(AFP/Getty Images)

The Queen Gives Fashion Advice to Kate Middleton A new report from a British newspaper claims the queen has seen the affordable dresses that have made Duchess Kate Middleton a style icon and decided to weigh in. The queen reportedly suggested that on an official upcoming trip to Australia, Middleton should wear longer hemlines, more tiaras and jewelry from the queen's personal collection. She's even offered to send one of her stylists to help the duchess with the new official look.

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