Instant Index: Maria Von Trapp Dies at 99

VIDEO: "Got Milk" Ad Campaign to Be Replaced

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Maria Von Trapp Dies at 99 Say a final "auf wiedersehen" to the original Maria Von Trapp. Von Trapp played the accordion as part of the original Trapp Family Singers and was the last surviving member of the original Von Trapp family. She died Tuesday at age 99, family members told ABC News. Von Trapp was the second-eldest daughter in the family, who inspired "The Sound of Music."

(Credit: Kerstin Joensson/AP Images)

'Got Milk?' Campaign Ending It's an end of an era for the ads that made the milk mustache cool again. The "Got Milk?" campaign was launched 20 years ago by supermodel Naomi Campbell. She was followed by countless familiar faces including Beyonce, Angelina Jolie, Alex Trebek, the Olsen twins and even Superman. While "Got Milk?" may have been a popular catchphrase, it didn't get Americans to drink more milk. Milk consumption nationwide has gone down so the campaign is being retired across the country except for California. It will be replaced by a new tagline - "Milk life," which debuts Tuesday.

Spelling Bee Ends in a Tie After Organizers Run Out of Words How do you spell "frustration"? A Missouri county's annual spelling bee this weekend took five hours and 66 rounds but still ended in a tie after the organizers of the bee ran out of words. Most spelling bees only go 20 rounds. They called it a tie because the adults were worried that picking random words from the dictionary wouldn't be fair and that the adults had "run out of gas." They will hold a "spell-off" March to break the tie and determine who will compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

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