Instant Index: Pope Francis Stole From a Casket

VIDEO: Pope Admits to Stealing Rosary Beads From Dead Friend

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Pope Francis Stole F rom a Casket Pope Francis has been hailed "The People's Pope" and today he proved that the nickname rings true. The pontiff revealed that he once stole a rosary from the hands of a fellow priest who had died and was lying in a casket. The priest was an old friend who had heard confessions from many fellow priests, including Pope John Paul II. Pope Francis took the rosary and said: "Give me half your mercy." The pope said he carries that rosary with him every day as a touchstone, giving him comfort when he struggles with unworthy thoughts.

(Vincenzo Pinto/AFP/Getty Images)

Hollywood No Longer the Land of Movies Hollywood got a reality check today. Hollywood, Calif., used to be the go-to place to film big-budget movies, but that's changing. A new report from FilmL.A. says big-budget films are fleeing the Sunshine State. Last year, just two of the Top 25 big-budget films were shot there, compared to 16 in 1999. More big-budget movies were shot in Louisiana and the same number of films were shot in Canada last year as in California. The move seems to be due to the high cost of making a movie in Hollywood.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Turns 50 The buffalo chicken wing turned a half-century today. Legend has it that Anchor Bar, a family-run restaurant in Buffalo, N.Y., invented the buffalo chicken wing. The owner, Teressa Bellissimo, reportedly received a case of chicken wings by mistake. She was going to use them for soup until her son needed a late-night snack. She put them in the deep fryer and then tried to dress them up with hot sauce and blue cheese. Now, what may have been an accidental concoction has become an American staple.

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