Instant Index: Chicago Dyes River Green for St. Patrick's Day

VIDEO: Instant Index: Chicago River Goes Green for Saint Patricks Day

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Facebook Tracks Sleepiness After Daylight Saving Time If you were dragging after losing an hour to Daylight Saving Time, you were not alone. Facebook engineers tracked posts and found a surge in the use of words like "sleepy," "tired" and "exhausted." They saw a 25 percent total spike in sleepiness with Maryland and Arkansas hit the hardest.

Scientists to Test 'Chocolate' Pill for Heart Health Scientists are launching a major new study to test what's being called "chocolate in a pill." It's packed with flavanols, the nutrient in cocoa, that helps with heart health, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. The pill will offer an extremely high dose, more than you could consume by eating dark chocolate.

Chicago Dyes River Green for St. Patrick's Day The Chicago River was dyed green Saturday in honor of St. Patrick's Day. It's an annual tradition in the Windy City. The exact recipe of the dye is secret.

(Photo Credit: Paul Beaty/AP Photo)

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