Instant Index: Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II Meet for the First Time in Rome

David Letterman Announces Plans to Retire in 2015

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Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth II Meet for The First Time in Rome

The pope and the queen exchanged gifts in a customary fashion. The pope even gave Queen Elizabeth an orb of semi-precious stones for her great-grandson, little Prince George. The Queen joked that the prince would be thrilled about the gift when he is a little bit older.

Queen Elizabeth brought along a basket of British goodies, including whiskey, as her gift for Pope Francis. He is the fifth pope she has met, but the first pope she has kept waiting. She apologized for keeping him waiting for 20 minutes.

Scientists in England Calculate if Noah's Ark Really Could Have Sailed

A group of scientist in England wanted to find proof that Noah's Ark really sailed. Using the Bible verses Genesis 6:13-22 as a roadmap, the scientists calculated that Noah's Ark was 472 feet long. This means it would have been strong enough to carry a pair of animals from each of the 35,000 species aboard. In total, this would amount to 70,000 animals. They can't say for sure whether all those animals would have been able to cram on board, but they can say that a ship of that size would have been able to handle the weight without sinking.

Late Night Talk Show Host David Letterman Announces His Retirement

David Letterman, 66, announced today that next year will be his last hosting "The Late Show." His retirement in 2015 will end his 22-year run as host. On the show, he turned top ten lists, stupid human tricks, and even his mom, Dorothy, into classics the nation could laugh along with. The announcement was made during a taping of "Late Show with David Letterman," ABC News confirmed.

(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images)

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