Instant Index: Formerly Conjoined Twins Leave Dallas Hospital

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Best, Worst Jobs in America Mathematician is the best job in America, according to's annual ranking of 200 different vocations across North America. The rank is based on salary, stress level and job prospects. Professor came in second followed by statistician. The worst jobs in America include newspaper reporter and broadcaster with lumberjack as the very worst job. Lumberjack came in last because job prospects are dim as machines take over.

Casual Pot Use Affects Brain Function A new study has found that even casual marijuana use can change brain function. Researchers say brain scans show using pot even once or twice a week can lead to visible changes in the areas of the brain that process emotion and motivation. The more marijuana used, the more dramatic the change.

Formerly Conjoined Twins Leave Dallas Hospital Jenni Ezell, the mother of conjoined twins who will be released from Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas today, said the family feels "relief, joy and elation." The Ezell twins, Owen and Emmitt, were born joined from their breastbone to their hipbones, sharing several organs, including their liver and intestines. Doctors told the Ezells their babies would probably not survive for very long. If they did, it was likely they would undergo multiple painful medical procedures. Now 9 months old, the baby boys are doing great, Ezell said. So great in fact they'll being sent to a rehab facility in Dallas for several weeks to several months before finally going home to spend time with their two older brothers, 2-year-old Liam and 7-year-old Ethan. The twins were successfully separated six weeks after their birth in August. During the nine-hour surgery, a team of surgeons separated the liver and intestines, with the most difficult part being the separation of a shared blood vessel in the liver.

(Medical City Childrens Hospital)

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