Instant Index: Brady Bunch Actress, Ann B. Davis, Dies

VIDEO: Instant Index: Ann B. Davis, AKA Alice from the Brady Bunch, Dead at 88

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Brady Bunch Actress, Ann B. Davis, Dies

Ann B. Davis, 88, died in a hospital in San Antonio, Texas yesterday. The famous actress played a lot of roles, but for anyone who watched the Brady Bunch, she is forever Alice, the housekeeper who gave out child rearing wisdom along with her chocolate chip cookies. Actor Barry Williams, who played Greg on the hit television show, today said she had a wicked sense of humor. When he met her, she told him during a rehearsal that comedy isn't funny. He was terrified, until she said, "Oh, Barry, I'm just kidding you!"

Florida Woman Gets Bitten By Shark

Jessica Vaughn, 22, is recovering in a hospital after being bitten by a shark while floating in an inner tube off Fort Lauderdale in Florida yesterday. Vaughn, who has always been a bit wary of water and what's lurking below, asked a friend "What if I get bitten by something?" 30 seconds later, a shark bit her leg and smacked her in the head with its fin. "I didn't like dark murky waters. I had a feeling, but I didn't think there would actually be a shark," Vaughn told ABC News. She underwent surgery yesterday and she'll have a half-moon shaped shark bite scar on her lower leg. She is expected top be discharged within the next few days and fully recover within the next few months.

Man Takes Selfie Atop Christ the Redeemer Statue

Lee Thompson, from London, took a kind of selfie the world may not see again. Thompson, who runs travel company The Flash Pack, got to the top of the famous 124-foot statue, Christ the Redeemer, overlooking Rio de Janiero. He was about 2,500 feet above sea level and he didn't only take a selfie - he recorded the ascent too. Thompson got the okay by the Brazilian tourist board to use the scaffolding to climb up to the top. The scaffolding was put in place to repair the statue after a recent lightning strike. It took Thompson nearly a half an hour to reach the top.

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