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Panera Bread to Remove Artificial Additives from Food

Tonight, a headline about food that may be on your dinner table. First Kraft switched from artificial to natural preservatives in their cheese slices, then Subway took out an artificial chemical in its bread and Chick-fil-A announced it will stop serving chicken raised with antibiotics. Now another major food chain is tweaking their menus to reduce the artificial additives. Today Panera Bread announced they will remove artificial additives in their food and their drinks by 2016 as the public becomes more attune to ingredients.

Mega-Earth Discovered

The space experts are scratching their heads over a new discovery. A type of "mega earth," the Kepler-10c, was found by the Kepler space telescope 560 light years away. One Harvard astrophysicist, Dimitar Sasselov, called it a "Godzilla earth." The planet is 17 times heavier than our earth, and twice as big, with "positive implications for life." The planet was originally discovered in 2011 but new data has determined that it is a new type of planet. Scientists used to think that a planet that was more than 10 times as big as Earth would hold onto too much hydrogen gas and not be able to continue being rocky. This planet defies that rule.

Wedding Party Falls Into Lake While Taking Photos

This weekend and all American wedding in Minnesota turned into a type of internet sensation. The wedding party for Jackie and Dan Anderson's wedding was taking photos when all of a sudden, the deck they were standing on gave way and broke. The entire party fell into the lake below, a few bridesmaids scrambling to safety and everyone else, drenched. Thankfully videographer Megan Fritze got it all on camera. The bride was soaked and guests were only an hour away from arriving at the ceremony. But the happy couple broke out the towels and the smiles. Jackie changed into a pair of lime green Tom's shoes under her white dress to become Mrs. Anderson as she was determined not to let anything ruin their special day.

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