Annual List of Beaches to Visit (and Avoid) Is Released

VIDEO: Instant Index: Best and Worst Beaches in America

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The Best and Worst Beaches in the US

With the Fourth of July weekend nearing - AAA reported today that 41 million people would be traveling during the holiday - the Natural Resources Defense Council has released yet again its list of the US best and worst beaches.

Newport Beach in California made the list of "superstars," getting high marks for clean water. And the beaches still in need of improvement as "repeat offenders" included Wisconsin's South Shore Beach.

Click here for all the superstars as well as the repeat offenders.

Sinkhole of Corvettes

Officials say they'd like to preserve a bit of a sinkhole that opened up under the National Corvette Museum in February. Eight cars fell into the hole but no one was injured. The cars were eventually pulled out but the hole remains and has become quite a tourist attraction. With attendance up 59 percent since March, according to The New York Times, officials said they'd even consider tossing a few cars back in.

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