Inside Coretta Scott King’s Funeral

By Germanm

Feb 7, 2006 6:45pm

Steve Osunsami is an Atlanta-based correspondent for ABC News. He’s at Coretta Scott King’s funeral and shares his impressions about what he’s seeing: Throughout the day today, I was struck by the number of people who formed circles, joined hands and began praying. And they weren’t praying quietly. As a kid, I attended a black church in Peoria, Illinois, and I don’t remember these kinds of prayers. The groups and their prayer circles were all over the campus of this very large church. And their prayers were loud and long, yet heartfelt and moving. I was also struck by the fact that there are no white people here. As I write this, I’m sitting next to the overflow room where there are about 1000 people and I don’t see a single white face anywhere. I take that back. Four middle-aged white guys, but they’re here working for Reuters and the AP. I bet you, at one point, there were probably more white people on the main stage (the four Presidents and their wives), than there were throughout the entire church. I wonder what that says about things.

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