Inside The Note

By Germanm

Apr 24, 2006 3:04pm

David Chalian, our Deputy Political Director and one of its co-authors gives us a glimpse. The classic politico-reporter relationship is one of information exchange. The phone rings or the e-mail arrives with one question that can be asked in either direction — "What’s going on?" The Note tries to answer that very question each morning so the American public, the elected officials who represent them, the journalists who cover the politicians, and the lobbyists who attempt to persuade them can get an understanding of where the political narrative arc is heading for the day. We all comb through the morning newspapers across the country (we get some help from a mythical force of "Goggling monkeys" during the overnight hours who tee things up for us) — the big national papers as well as the local press in key states for the 2006 and 2008 election cycles. We try to tease out the most forward-looking or agenda-setting quote, detail, or color in a story to illuminate why we’ve deemed that story Noteworthy for the day. People seem to love and fear being Noted. When an operative or journalist’s name appears in The Note, the most common insta-response we get is similar to this one: ‘Did you know Senator X reads The Note? Well, he must because he stopped me outside the Old Senate Chamber today to say that he saw my name in The Note.’ Of course, we don’t find everything on our own (even with those brilliant monkeys) and receive unsolicited items by e-mail from mostly-interested parties as well – which is quite helpful. We build our political daybook by scouring schedules for hundreds of candidates, interest
groups, and elected officials all across the country, staying in touch with political staffers who (when feeling kind and generous) make sure to tell us where their principals are for the day, and relying upon our ABC News colleagues on Capitol Hill, at the White House, and elsewhere to make sure we have the very latest schedule changes in the morning before publishing. In addition to the ABC News Political Unit members who write The Note each day, our colleagues from “This Week” and “Nightline” and our fabulously dedicated interns greatly contribute to the process as well. Subscribe to The Note by clicking here: [LINK]

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