Some U.S. Mass Transit Systems React to Attacks in India

By From Our Sources

Jul 11, 2006 4:42pm

In light of today’s bombings in Mumbai, India, where the death toll is climbing toward 150, some U.S. transit systems have increased their own security measures.  Here is a quick survey of transit systems across the United States.

New York: Heightened Security
New York City, where 468 subways serve an average of 4.5 million daily riders, upped its security today by adding more officers to patrol the subways and conduct random bag searches.  Although officials made sure they noted no direct threat had been made to the metropolis’s transit system, Mayor Bloomberg said, "Nevertheless, we take a terror attack any place in the world, especially one on a public transport systems, as a serious warning."

Washington: No Change
The Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority Police say they are doing nothing different in terms of security.  But they do say they will continue to monitor intelligence and work with their local and federal counterparts.

Atlanta: No Change
Although they did not increase security in light of today’s attacks, the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority says additional security was deployed last Friday in response to general world events.

Miami: No Change
Miami Transit says they made no security changes in response to today’s bombings.  They say they have been on a heightened state of alert following 9/11 and the Madrid Bombings.  They say they have not received any warnings from the FTA or DHS.

Chicago: No Change
Chicago has not altered its security in light of the bombings in India.  They say they continue to operate, as always, at a high level of security.

Houston: Heightened Security
Houston Metro has increased its security levels.  As of Wednesday morning, K-9 units will be out in full force patrolling the rail line that runs through downtown Houston.

Dallas: No Change
DART says their police are maintaining their high visibility on the system, and they continue to make announcements to riders to be aware of their surroundings.  They say they have not received any warnings from the FTA or DHS. Los Angeles: No Change
According to MTA officials in Los Angeles, they are not on a heightened alert.

San Francisco: No Change
Although they did not alter their security measures today, BART officials say they continue to maintain a heightened alert since last Friday when the New York Tunnel Plot was revealed.

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