Congressman Ney Has His Day in Court, Pleads Guilty

Oct 13, 2006 12:43pm

Disgraced Congressman Bob Ney (R-OH) pleaded guilty before a federal judge this morning to federal conspiracy and false statement charges, and his attorney said he would be resigning from Congress in a few weeks. When asked by the judge how he wished to plead, Ney, flanked by his two attorneys, said, "I plead guilty, Your Honor." It took Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle nine minutes to read through all of the corrupt activities Ney engaged in from 2000 through 2004. She read to him from a signed factual proffer which covered his dealings with Jack Abramoff and others, including lavish golf trips to Scotland, outings to New Orleans and Lake George and thousands of dollars in meals and drinks at Abramoff’s restaurant, Signatures. THE BLOTTER RECOMMENDS Congressman Ney Agrees to Plead Guilty to Accepting Lavish Gifts, Cites Alcohol Dependency Three More Former Pages Accuse Foley of Online Sexual Approaches Click Here for More of the Brian Ross Page Ney also accepted campaign contributions from Abramoff and tickets to Washington, D.C., sporting events. In addition, he inserted comments into the Congressional Record for Abramoff’s associates who were also involved in the conspiracy. Ney’s corruption extended beyond the Abramoff deals and involved cash payments from a Syrian businessman who bankrolled two gambling trips to London in 2003. The businessman was seeking to sell U.S. aircraft and aircraft parts to Iran. After receiving gambling chips and pocketing almost $47,000 from the trip, Ney contacted the State Department to inquire about doing business in Iran for the businessman and getting the businessman a U.S. visa. In a paper statement released after the hearing, Ney said, "While I have tried my best during my 12 years in Congress to serve the country in bipartisan ways, I have made mistakes of judgment…I allowed myself get too comfortable with the way things have been done in Washington for too long." Ney’s statement also mentions his recent treatment for alcohol abuse. "I have more work to do to deal with my alcohol dependency." Ney’s attorney Mark Tuohey said Ney plans to resign from Congress in a matter of weeks.

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