E-mail Scam: ‘Elizabeth Taylor’ Needs Your Help

By Joseph Rhee

Oct 20, 2006 4:10pm

A new scam e-mail in the name of film legend Elizabeth Taylor offers respondents a chance to claim a portion of "9 million Pounds" of her money.  In the e-mail, "Lizzy Taylor" claims she is currently in a hospital in Hawaii "undergoing treatment for Alzbimer’s [sic] disease battling with incurable heart condition, curvature of spine among others" and that doctors "have told me that I only have a few months to live." "Taylor" says it is her "last wish" to see that nine million pounds of her money is "distributed to victims of the World." THE BLOTTER RECOMMENDS New E-mail Scam Says Croc Hunter’s Widow Is Dying in U.S. Hospital Phony Lottery Scams Hit Hundreds of Thousands in U.S. Click Here for More of the Brian Ross Page In the e-mail, "Taylor" says she is looking for someone to help distribute the nine million pounds to charity; in return, the respondent can keep 15 percent of the money for "expenses and efforts." "Taylor" says she needs a reliable partner because when she trusted "relations and friends" in the past, she was "rewarded with deceipt [sic], betrayal, insincerity and wastage."    

Fraud experts say that when people respond to these types of e-mails, they are typically asked to pay thousands of dollars in "processing fees" before they can collect on the big payout.  The victims eventually discover the promised riches are a fraud.  Read the scam e-mail from "Elizabeth Taylor."

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