GOP PAC Launches Startling Abortion Ads Aimed at Prying African Americans from Democratic Party

Oct 17, 2006 12:56pm

ABC’s Steven Portnoy Reports: A Republican-leaning political action committee is using eyebrow-raising ads on urban music radio stations to try to convince African-Americans to abandon the Democratic Party for its support of abortion rights.

In one particularly provocative spot, as a baby cries and thunder clasps in the background, a female announcer says, "Black babies are terminated at triple the rate of white babies." Democrats support "liberal abortion laws that are decimating our people," she says, while "the individual’s right to life is protected in the Republican platform."

"Don’t buy the Democrats’ lie," intones a male announcer as he reads the ad’s tagline. "Killing unborn babies is no way to help those in poverty."

Another ad asks, "Why do our leaders in Congress support the pro-abortion agenda of the Democrats? Or more to the point: Why do we support them?"

America’s PAC, an Iowa-based group, reported to the IRS last week that it spent more than $666,000 last quarter to produce and place the ads in 12 states, including Ohio, Virginia and New Mexico.

The ads targeting African-American voters have been largely cleared on urban music stations owned by Lanham, MD-based Radio One, a minority-owned group which calls itself the "Urban Media Specialist."

On Radio One stations in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus, African-American listeners are urged by the ads to turn their backs on the Democrats.

"When someone you’ve called a friend betrays you, the truth can hurt," a female announcer says. "For 50 years now, we’ve trusted the Democrats for education, health care and economic opportunity. And the truth is, today’s Democrats take us for granted."

The group is also running ads on Hispanic stations in Denver, Albuquerque, Sacramento and Las Vegas, among other markets. The New York Sun reported one of those ads says, "Republicans respect the Latino soldier… Enough with these Democrats."

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