Update: Truck Drivers at Odds Over Facts in Halliburton Convoy Ambush

By Avni Patel

Oct 3, 2006 8:00pm

Since ABC News reported on Preston Wheeler’s first-hand account of a Halliburton truck convoy ambush last week, another truck driver who survived the attack has come forward to dispute Wheeler’s allegation that the military abandoned the truck convoy after it came under insurgent fire. Rick Wynne, the "bob tail" driver who helped rescue Wheeler, says that the convoy’s military escorts fought "toe-to-toe" with the insurgents. "Nobody would have made it out of there alive without them," says Wynne.  Wheeler says that while he is grateful to Wynne for pulling him out of his truck, he doesn’t know the whole story.  "He only knows a portion of what happened. He was three-quarters of a mile back in the convoy," says Wheeler. "He didn’t see what I saw." Home video taken by Wheeler during the attack shows the military escort riding in front of him driving away after his truck was disabled.  Two unarmed Halliburton truck drivers were executed at point-blank range after the military escorts at the front of the convoy left the scene, according Wheeler. "I never said that all of the Army left us, but the gun truck in front did leave. It is in the video," says Wheeler. "Say what you want to about me, but I felt the men’s families need to know the truth." The Army says that the Virginia National Guard troops on the scene followed standard operating procedure to "get out of the kill zone" and did not abandon the convoy. Click here to read the Army’s full response. 

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