Mystery Man Declares War on Al Qaeda

By Hoda Osman

Nov 8, 2006 4:46pm

In a mysterious video posted on the Internet today, an unknown masked man identified as "one of the jihad leaders in Iraq" threatens to fight al Qaeda and groups affiliated with it in Iraq. The tape suggests either a deep split in Iraqi insurgent groups or a skillful propaganda coup by U.S. intelligence services, according to Fawaz Gerges, an ABC News consultant and professor of International Affairs and Middle Eastern Studies at Sarah Lawrence College.    He says there have been major skirmishes between al Qaeda in Iraq and some tribes in the past few weeks resulting in a number of casualties. "Civil war is raging within the broader jihadist movement," notes Gerges. THE BLOTTER RECOMMENDS ‘Al Qaeda in Yemen’ Makes Internet Debut Al Qaeda Undercover Video of New York City Led to Life Sentence Click Here to Check Out More of the Brian Ross Page Speaking Arabic on the tape, the masked man, "Abu Osama al Iraqi," announces the establishment of a secret alliance of six groups and 16 tribes, a total of 3,000 men, to fight al Qaeda in Iraq and the other groups, who he blamed for killing Sunnis.  "We know that the crusader has been waiting for this day, that it’s his happiest day, but we are forced to do so," says al Iraqi. He adds that the plan is to use snipers to kill members of the opposite groups, then start attacking their cars before finally having face-to-face armed confrontations with them. The same masked man claims to have previously asked Osama bin Laden to remove al Qaeda leaders from Iraq because of their indiscriminate killings. "We’re waiting for Osama bin Laden’s response regarding our previous message because we think it reached him," says al Iraqi, adding that if they don’t hear from him in a week, it means he can’t see the truth. The sound quality on the tape is poor and often unintelligible. Al Iraqi’s voice may have been altered to make it unrecognizable, especially to members of the groups he intends to fight. The video was produced by an unknown entity called "The Word of Truth." A note posted at the end of the video asks members of al Qaeda to correspond and send questions about the statement to a specific Yahoo! e-mail address.

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