Insurgents in Iraq Claim They Can Beat U.S. Anti-IED Technology

Mar 6, 2007 12:18pm

A new insurgent video mocks U.S. attempts to fight the attacks and claims insurgents managed to beat advanced technology used by the U.S. to detect the deadly explosives. A series of fierce and gruesome IED attacks against U.S. armored vehicles in Iraq is shown on the 25-minute video. The new video, issued by a coalition of insurgent groups known as "The Islamic State of Iraq," is subtitled "The Fall and Decline of the U.S. Technology." The underlying message is that U.S. efforts to counter IED attacks are futile because the group claims its "engineers" managed to invent ways to face the newly developed techniques and devices by U.S. forces. Click Here to Watch Excerpts of the Insurgent Video. It begins by showing a masked man identified as a field commander talking about U.S. counter IED efforts before listing different types of U.S. vehicles, including the Buffalo, Cougar and RG-31 Nayala. The video contains footage of alleged attacks against U.S. vehicles that are seen being blown up. In some instances, bodies are seen flying in the air amidst fire and smoke. IEDs are responsible for 65 percent of American casualties in Iraq, according to retired Gen. Montgomery Meigs, who heads the counter-IED efforts in Iraq. Meigs, who briefed reporters about the fight against IEDs yesterday, argued, however, that IED lethality has dropped, pointing out that the level of American casualties resulting from IED attacks has remained constant since 2004. To show the progress being made, Meigs said insurgents have to put four to five times as many IEDs as in June 2003 to cause one American casualty. The drop in lethality is due to the timely discovery of an IED leading to detonation or IEDs that just aren’t as lethal. Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage. The video ends by showing an old statement by al Qaeda’s No. 2 man Ayman al Zawahri in which he challenges President Bush to send more U.S. troops to Iraq and claims the insurgents will win. Gen. Meigs, whose Joint IED Defeat Organization has a budget of almost $6 billion in the last three years, admits the attacker always has the upper hand in this fight. There is no uparmor or body armor that can totally defeat an offensive weapon like the IED, he said. He added, however, that in the last six months the number of tips about IEDs has more than doubled.

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