Kucinich Disavows Own Campaign Tactics

Mar 29, 2007 11:57am

ABC News’ Jake Tapper Reports: In keeping with his unique, New Age campaign, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, today sent out an email message to supporters today disavowing the campaign tactics … of his own campaign.

"Our campaign has arrived at a teachable moment and an opportunity for growth," the message begins.

Referring to a campaign project called "Eyes and Ears: We need your help!" which asked supporters to help monitor the campaigns of his Democratic primary rivals, Kucinich asks supporters to "disregard the request" since "I believe such tactics are spiritually and politically counterproductive."

The focus of his campaign, Kucinich said, should be transforming the world.

"The intellectual or emotional focus on any campaign dissipates that creative energy."

"The vital organ of this campaign is the heart," Kucinich writes, saying the other candidates are "fine public servants and long-time friends."

"’Monitoring’ projects are inherently pretentious, divisive and mean-spirited and have no place in a campaign which desires to change the world for the better."

On the other hand, on Democracy Now! Radio, Kucinich said of the Republicans he seeks to replace, "I think that impeachment has to be on the table, and I also think that it’s time to have a national conversation in cities, in towns all over America, about the appropriate conduct for a President and a Vice President, about whether it’s right for a President and Vice President to lie to the American people and take us into war."

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