Readers Respond to Our Report on the Iraqi Defector Who Fabricated Evidence That Led to War

By Krista Kjellman

Mar 14, 2007 3:15pm

Bringing in many comments, "Exclusive: Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War" appeared to get under the skin of several of our readers.  While some saw the story as cause to call for the impeachment of members of the current Bush administration, others saw it as an effort to distract from what they say is the main cause for going to war — to root out Islamist extremism. One reader, who called herself "Sheela," said the article was "misleading" in regards to Colin Powell. Original Story: Curveball, the Defector Whose Lies Led to War "Your headline and first paragraph of this story are misleading. Colin Powell did not lead the US to start the war with Iraq, the Bush administration had a clear cut plan to get to Iraq – with or without Colin Powell." The article does not accuse former Secretary of State Colin Powell of leading the U.S. to war with Iraq. It instead reports that some officials within the CIA say their questions about the credibility of the Iraqi defector were not relayed to Secretary Powell, who relied on Curveball’s "intelligence" of "mobile biological weapons labs" as central evidence in his speech to the U.N. outlining the case for war.  Powell told ABC News he was "angry and disappointed" that he was never told the CIA had doubts. Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage. Meanwhile, another reader, identified as "Mark Vondrasek," saw the blotter as another example of the liberal media’s effort to blame the Bush administration and Republican party for "every problem." "I personally find it appauling [sic] how the Media somehow manages to associate every problem in this country with the Bush Administration and/or the Republican Party. And the story about "Curveball", what the heck is that? The Media portrayed his story like the Bush Administration couyldn’t [sic] wait to go to war and this was just the excuse they needed. I dare any one person who thinks that they have a damn good reason to believe that Bush jumped the gun and didn’t take any thought to peaceful talks before heading to war to come to my house and argue with me…I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that ABC didn’t post this letter…" Another reader, "Jim," also took issue with the "story." "ABC news spends thousands of dollars and hundreds of manhours, finding some guy who claims to be the Iraqi defector whose "lies led to the war in Iraq". ABC news will not likely cast any doubt on their story. If fact, that’s what it is, a story. Yet ABC news ignores even covers up stories of the THOUSANDS of positive tasks and successes that our country’s brave soldiers are doing in Iraq…Iraq is a very dangerous place because Islamic terrorists WANT Iraq. That’s where our fight is, where THEY are." Jim is right about how brave our men and women serving in uniform are overseas.  ABC News has made many efforts to portray their challenges and successes, most recently in the Bob Woodruff special, "To Iraq and Back." Yet another reader, dubbed "Outraged," was, well, outraged. "This cant be true? The entire formulation of the Iraq campaign was based on the testimony of an an "unstable, immature and unreliable" source, who apparently didnt want to be deported back to Iraq? Is it possible for one to ingest the idea that 1 source who was deemed unrealiable [sic] was the entire basis for an ENTIRE COUNTRY to go to WAR?…" And finally, one reader identified as "an analyst" put forth, perhaps appropriately so, this concise equation of sorts. "arrogrance [sic] > ignornace [sic] > incompetence."

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