Edwards Combs Through Hairy Situation

Apr 23, 2007 7:58pm

ABC’s Raelyn Johnson Reports: Former Sen. John Edwards, D-N.C., can’t go anywhere these days without being asked a question about his hair, not even at home.  Edwards, joined by wife Elizabeth was in Chapel Hill today for a live town hall meeting when radio host Ed Schultz opened the program guaranteeing there would be questions about the former senator’s headline making haircut joking, “That must have been one heck of a chair he was sitting in.”

Edwards hit the interview chair knowing what was to be discussed.  “Was it worth it,” he quipped while pointing to his hair.  The audience’s laughter escorted the elephant out of the room. “The truth is this particular this is embarrassing, it really is,” said Edwards.

“Nobody should be paying $400 for a hair cut.”

  Further explanation revealed that the pace of a presidential campaign required some people to come to him for services.  This particular service was a pricey hair cut from a Beverly Hills stylist who had twice made a house call. “I knew it was going to be expensive,” said Edwards.  “I just didn’t know it was that expensive.”

Perry Young, a long time Edwards supporter, came to the event to see how Edwards would explain himself to and fellow supporters and importantly, potential voters.  “I don’t have much money but I’ve contributed to his campaign.  I don’t want my money going to a $400 hair cut,” said Young. “My fear is what this may have done to his campaign.”

Last week while campaigning in Iowa, Edwards tried to deflate the volume of the controversy surrounding his coif by conceding that the campaign had inadvertently paid for the services and he would be reimbursing the campaign $800.

After shouting out local places where Edwards could get an $8 haircut, the audience was happy with the senator’s explanation, Mr. Young included.  Host Ed Schultz joked that he thought he was going to have to question Edwards’ fiscal responsibility.  “No, question my sanity,” Edwards clarified.

From there the conversation went on to cover universal healthcare, troop withdrawal and poverty.  It was all substance and no style, well no hair ‘styles’ I should say.

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