Household Business Supplying Potential Bomb Makers?

Jun 29, 2007 12:13pm

Law enforcement authorities Thursday night raided the Staten Island, N.Y., home of a man who ran a household business in materials that could be used to build incendiary and explosive devices. The man purchased chemicals in bulk for about $.35 to $.45 per pound and then sold them over the Internet in small amounts at about $4.00 per pound.  His business was for all intents legal. Authorities say the case illustrates how easy it is for a determined bomb maker to legally obtain household or industrial chemicals.  This was the case for the 2005 London bombings, in which the terrorists purchased hydrogen peroxide used to make their homemade explosives from a beauty supply shop.  And today, in London, authorities found roofing nails, butane and propane as well as the filaments from a light or flash bulb to be the basic ingredients for what could have been a lethal anti-personnel bomb. Authorities found about 40 50-pound bags of potassium nitrate, a primary component in black and flash powders, inside the Staten Island residence and storage facility. Other chemicals found included sulfur — another component in black powder — mercury and hydrogen peroxide. There was no evidence of bomb making, or that the person who owned the home had any links to terrorism or any intent to anything other than make a quick buck. "It was a good hustle," said one of the law enforcement officials who responded. "He basically bought in bulk and sold in one pound packages over the Internet." The man is cooperating with authorities and is not expected to face any major criminal charges. He was initially charged with reckless endangerment for storing such large quantities of potentially hazardous chemicals in a residential area. Click Here for Full Blotter Coverage.

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